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Biographies produced by Master Storytellers
3 February 2023
Stories. We’ve all got one. Yet so many extraordinary tales go untold. Until now . . . Learn about this innovative new company who produce beautiful bespoke biographies.

Journalist and award-winning travel writer, Nick Boulos, has spent more than 20 years interviewing celebrities and writing features for the world’s most respected titles. During lockdown, when travel ground to a halt, Nick started Master Storytellers - a company that was born from his solemn regret that he never got to learn more about the life of his late and much-missed grandmother.

Nick Boulous, founder of Master Storytellers

As Nick says, "I started Master Storytellers - to encourage people to share their extraordinary experiences with the help of the finest interviewers, writers and editors in the industry."

Nick has assembled a talented group of writers and designers who have interviewed everyone from Oscar winners to world leaders, have penned bestselling books, written for the world’s most respected newspapers and designed the pages of iconic magazines.

I have seen first-hand the profound impact stories can have on individuals, families, communities and society

Now, for the first time ever, that same A-list treatment is available to everyone! Expertly skilled to capture your voice perfectly, Master Storytellers' unique approach covers every aspect of your book. 

The process starts with a telephone call to understand your vision for the book and enables them to determine every detail before assigning an author best suited to you and the style of book.  The whole process typically takes ten to twelve weeks and there are even additional options available such as having a celebrity photographer capture your portrait for the cover.

Whether for a big birthday, milestone anniversary, retirement or any other important occasion, presenting someone special with the rare opportunity to have their story retold by true publishing professionals is a gift like no other.

For more information and prices, visit www.master-storytellers.com 

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