Episode Nine of The Third Act with writer, Brigid Keenan

Brigid Keenan
19 May 2022
For the latest episode of The Third Act, Catherine Fairweather talks with journalist and author, Brigid Keenan whose found great success later in life as the author of seven books and a regular columnist for publications such as The Oldie.

Brigid Keenan was the youngest ever fashion editor at The Sunday Times when she joined the paper in the 1960's. However she gave up her career when she married a diplomat and, in her own words, became "a trailing spouse". During her time living in seven different countries, she has written seven books. Her most successful, Diplomatic Baggage, was written while in her 60's and is about to republished this summer. Over lunch with Catherine Fairweather, she talks about choosing between marriage and career, her amazing recovery from a stroke 5 years ago, finding success in later life and her thoughts on getting older.

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