Bill Wyman - Episode Three, Series Three of The Third Act

Ex-Rolling Stone, Bill Wyman
5 July 2024
Catherine Fairweather sits down with Bill Wyman, the iconic ex-Rolling Stones bassist, for an intimate conversation at Auriens Chelsa.

Bill Wyman is the most unlikely rockstar, a man given to quieter pursuits such as metal-detecting, archiving, photography and writing - the latest memoir being Billy in the Wars which they discuss here over a glass of wine at Auriens. Catherine also talks to the legendary bassist about why he left The Rolling Stones at the height of its fame, how we can learn from our mistakes and bad, and the dual sense of loneliness and community in his wartime London childhood.

Click the link below to hear Catherine and Bill discuss gifts of later life and the legacy of love bestowed by his adored grandmother.

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