Sir Michael Palin - Episode One, Series Three of The Third Act

7 June 2024
Welcome to the third series of sparkling conversations with vintage minds. Today’s guest is the one and only Sir Michael Palin – cultural icon, national treasure, and knighted in 2019 for his contributions to culture and travel.

Known for his global journeys covering 99 countries over three decades on BBC and Channel 5’s “Palin’s Travels,” Sir Michael embodies courteous curiosity and quintessential English charm. However, his unexpected observations and sense of anarchy, famously showcased in Monty Python’s groundbreaking works like "The Life of Brian," continue to influence British comedy to this day.

In the first episode of our third series, he sat down with Catherine Fairweather at Auriens to reflect on life and to discuss his own Third Act.

To listen, search ‘The Third Act’ on your preferred podcast platform or listen below on the player below.

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