Alexandra Pringle - Episode Two, Series Three of The Third Act

Alexandra Pringle with guest at Auriens
21 June 2024
In this episode, former Bloomsbury editor-in-chief Alexandra Pringle shares her journey from a Chelsea girl to a leading figure in the literary world.

With host, Catherine Fairweather, Alexandra reminisces about her colourful Chelsea childhood, the romantic and challenging life on a houseboat, and her new writing masterclass venture in Marrakesh. Alexandra opens up about her adventurous spirit, the significance of finding joy with her "Fun Squad," and her passion for storytelling. She also touches on her views on financial independence, freedom of speech, and the importance of embracing risks and living fully at any age.

Join us for an inspiring conversation that weaves together personal anecdotes, professional triumphs, and a zest for life. To listen, search ‘The Third Act’ on your preferred podcast platform or listen below on the player below.

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