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Is Socialising The Secret To A Long Life?

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7 March 2023
As reported in The Times, a new study suggests that frequent socialising may be the secret to a long life.

Researchers who tracked more than 28,500 over-70s found that those who reported socialising daily, weekly or monthly lived longer than those who socialised only occasionally or not at all.

While the study is observational, the researchers behind this latest study said that socialising might have the side-effect of enhancing healthy behaviours such as being more physically active, or following a better diet, or mitigating the impact of stress.

At Auriens, we firmly believe in the importance of creating a warm, welcoming community within which residents can be as social as they wish. A number of our residents cited loneliness as one of the major factors in their decision to move into Auriens especially after the many months of lockdown during the pandemic. Many of them now play an active role in organising events at Auriens and we have seen firsthand, wonderful new friendships form between residents.

This study also adds to increasing evidence about the impact of social isolation and loneliness on health, particularly in later life.  Studies have linked them to higher rates of mental ill health and conditions including high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and dementia, as well as finding increased rates of hospital admission or A&E attendance among the lonely or socially isolated. 

To read the full report in The Times, please click here.

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