A Cornish Odyssey

14 October 2023
Last month, Auriens Chelsea residents embarked on an adventure to explore the scenic beauty and rich culture of Cornwall. The itinerary was meticulously planned by our Cornish-born Head of Concierge and Guest Services, Dan McCaskie, who treated the residents to a tour of the charming villages and mesmerising coastline that have left an indelible mark on his heart. Let's take a closer look at what they got up to.

The group of eight residents boarded the train from Paddington with team members David and Sidnei who were armed with packs of sumptuous takeaway lunches prepared by Chef Matt and his team. Upon arrival at Bodmin Parkway, concierge attendants Andre and Tom were on hand to welcome the travellers and whisk them away to their accommodation at The Headland, a prestigious establishment named one of the "Sunday Times Travel Best Places to Stay 2023."

Residents had an opportunity to enjoy some of the hotel’s amenities including the stunning sunset spa overlooking the Atlantic before a short drive to Lewinnick Lodge for dinner.

At dinner, a neighbouring table intrigued by the close-knit ambiance, couldn't resist asking about the connection between the residents and the team members joining them. With a smile, one of the diners promptly clarified that they were friends and family, underscoring the genuine sense of familiarity and genuine connections that have formed between the residents and team members.

On day two, the group set out for St. Ives with its picturesque cobblestone streets and art galleries. Following a delightful meal at the Café at Tates St Ives and a guided tour of the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden, the group had some free time to savour the charm of St. Ives. After soaking up the splendour of Digey and Fore Street the group headed back to The Headland before departure to the world-famous Rick Stein Cafe in Padstow. Residents and team alike dined on exquisite seafood dishes celebrating the rich maritime heritage of the region and ensuring a truly memorable day. Dan McCaskie

This trip was not just a vacation; it was a pilgrimage to the places that had shaped my early years. It was a chance to share the magic of Cornwall with the residents, and, in doing so, to relive my cherished memories and create new ones together.

Dan McCaskie

Wednesday morning saw a return to Padstow for a tour of the museum, followed by a walk along the harbour and lunch at Caffe Rojando before taking the ferry back to Rock. The evening marked a return to “Renmor,” the Headland's flagship restaurant, for the last night of the trip. Thursday marked the bittersweet adieu to the picturesque landscape, yet it was not a farewell without its charm. The Headland thoughtfully bestowed packed lunches, a delectable parting gift, ensuring a satisfying end to their Cornish adventure.

The role that the team played extended beyond guidance; they became an integral part of the residents' journey. While Dan's dedication, charm, and passion for Cornwall elevated a simple trip into a cherished memory. In the end, it wasn't just about the breathtaking landscapes of Cornwall or the luxurious accommodations at The Headland Hotel; it was about the personalised human touch that the team infused into every moment of the expedition.

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