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Care Costs
26 October 2020
Care costs at Auriens are significantly lower than the equivalent in-home service. This is due to the efficiencies of having a permanent team on-site, together with the option of shorter care visits and residents not usually requiring a carer to live-in.

Auriens have simplified care pricing with hourly rates for both carers and nurses that apply at all times of the day and night, and for every day of the week. In addition, all visits are charged equally despite medical complexity.

Of course, more competitive pricing does not dimish quality, and our care partner Draycott Nursing & Care will provide outstanding service to our residents, as they have done for over 20 years in countless private central London residences. The difference at Auriens is that residents are safe in the knowledge that our healthcare team are available on-site 24 hours a day.


Lillian is in good health, but with an arthritic hand causing her some loss of dexterity, she requires a little assistance in the mornings and evenings. At Auriens, the price for an hour long visit from a carer twice a day is on average 50% cheaper than the equivalent in-home visits.

At Auriens, the price for an hour long visit from a carer twice a day is on average 50% cheaper than the equivalent in-home visits.


Richard requires a visit from a registered nurse every day to assist him intravenous medication. At Auriens this cost is on average 65% cheaper per hour than the equivalent in-home price. Unlike at home, he also has the option to shorten this appointment to 30 minutes, bringing the cost down to over 80% less than he would pay at home.

Auriens Care


After living at Auriens for five years, Marie has developed several complex medical conditions which require a high level of assistance from the care team. Because staff are available and on shift 24-hours a day, she does not require a live-in carer and can maintain her independence. Instead, the team of carers and nurses visit her throughout the day to help with medication and personal care. They are also available to sit in her apartment overnight on more difficult days, without the requirement of an additional bedroom. At Auriens this level of service can equate to a saving of several thousand pounds every month.

Full pricing details available on request.

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