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Gideon Remfry in the Auriens gym
20 December 2023
Step into the world of wellness with Gideon Remfry, Auriens’ Head of Wellness and integrated HealthSpan specialist, as he shares the transformative results from a recent study on the exclusive active ageing programme at Auriens Chelsea.

Hi Gideon, can you give us a glimpse into the Kyros Project and your approach to wellness?

Certainly. The Kyros Project is under the careful guidance of Aidan Goggins, pharmacist, medical nutritionist and author of The Sirtfood Diet, Ben Williams, an athletic performance physiologist who was also the Head of Human Performance for Sir Ben Ainslie’s Britannia America’s Cup and Grenadiers cycling team, and myself. Our focus is on building resilience, optimising performance and supporting lifelong wellness. Using cutting-edge diagnostics based around the pillars of ageing, we conduct on-site assessments to tailor unique wellness programmes for each resident.

Can you share insights into the recent study and the key findings?

Residents at Auriens Chelsea underwent regular monitoring with innovative biomarker testing throughout the 52-week programme. The results are significant — over 75% reported reduced internal (visceral) fat, and a smaller waist circumference, showcasing the positive impact of our twelve-month wellness initiative on mid-section adiposity.

We did not fully appreciate the range of facilities when we first arrived, but the programmes provided and utilised can change the “ageing” curve!

What sets Auriens Chelsea’s wellness programme apart?

Our programme stands out for its individualised approach, delving into some of the root causes that drive premature ageing such as the loss of muscle and bone, the increased risk of obesity and associated body fat, and higher levels of harmful accumulated cellular stress. This strategy has yielded remarkable results, including a 64% increase in skeletal mass, a 50% reduction in fat mass, and a 40% decrease in cellular stress.

Can you elaborate on the importance of these health markers?

Enhancing cellular resilience, and metabolic health while improving strength and body composition, are all key to improving health span and overall quality of life, especially for those over 65. Ultimately with diet, exercise, and stress reduction, we can lower residents’ risk of type-two diabetes, high cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, and waist circumference, contributing to long-term wellness.

And most importantly, what do the residents say?

One resident, as quoted from a recent article in the Times, says “The brilliant aspect of exercising at Auriens is that it is with a controlled and focused programme. As we age, balance becomes more and more important. The weekly, structured session, with Holly has significantly improved my core strength and control. A programme that focuses on key aspects is rewarding. I would also note that reward is not only with regard to the physical aspects of the body but also the mental side. Apart from the gym facilities at hand, the water aerobics has been brilliant for my wife as has the availability of reflexology. That has been a huge positive for her. We did not fully appreciate the range of facilities when we first arrived, but the programmes provided and utilised can change the “ageing” curve!”

Mood Food: Beating the January Blues by Kyros

Recently Gideon Remfry and our in-house physiotherapist and Wellness Consultant, Holly Limbrick gave a talk to Auriens residents about invaluable tips for boosting your mood through food and lifestyle choices. The evening concluded with a 'Feast of Wellness' crafted by our Head Chef Matt and served in Culfords restaurant. Watch the highlights below:

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