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In conversation with… William Harding, General Manager

29 December 2023
We're thrilled to introduce William, the new General Manager of Auriens Chelsea.

Let's dive in and get to know a little more about William and his vision for Auriens Chelsea.

Welcome, William! Could you share a bit about your background and what drew you to Auriens?

Thank you! I'm excited to be here. Throughout my career, I've been passionate about delivering exceptional experiences to discerning clientele. What drew me to Auriens Chelsea was the company's unwavering dedication to getting to know each individual's unique desires and providing an enriching lifestyle for our residents.

How do you envision ensuring a seamless and fulfilling experience for each resident at Auriens Chelsea?

At Auriens Chelsea, our residents are at the heart of everything we do. Our vision is to create a warm, inclusive, and engaging community that caters to the unique preferences and interests of each individual. By fostering strong relationships with our residents to know and understand their aspirations to ensure that Auriens Chelsea truly feels like home.

What steps will you take to make sure that every resident's needs are met?

Personalisation is key to my approach. I have engaged in thoughtful conversations with residents to learn about their passions, interests, and lifestyle preferences. Which, I believe will ensure that we can curate bespoke experiences, services, and amenities to ensure that each resident feels valued and cared for at all times. 

How will you collaborate with the team at Auriens Chelsea to implement your vision effectively?

Teamwork is essential to success, and I'm fortunate to work with a talented and dedicated team at Auriens Chelsea, who consistently go above and beyond to cater to the residents' needs and desires. What truly sets Auriens Chelsea apart from other residential developments is the size of the team and the extensive service offering. I believe it will be communication and a shared commitment to excellence that will continue to provide an unparalleled living experience for our residents.

Auriens Chelsea is known for its unique amenity areas and service offering. How do you plan to maintain and enhance this reputation?

Auriens Chelsea's sophistication is part of its DNA, and we will build upon that legacy. We will consistently strive to surpass expectations, not only in the physical amenities and services we offer but also in the connections we forge with our residents. Continuous improvement, attention to detail, constant feedback, and adaptability will ensure that Auriens Chelsea remains a place where residents thrive.

How do you plan to communicate the unique offerings of Auriens Chelsea to potential residents and their families?

Effective communication begins with authenticity and transparency. I will work closely with our Resident Advisory team to showcase the genuine experiences and extensive lifestyle benefits that we offer. By highlighting the real stories of our current residents and their satisfaction, we will continue to demonstrate the unique value that sets Auriens Chelsea apart in the market.

My vision is to create a warm, inclusive, and engaging community that caters to the unique preferences and interests of each individual

In conclusion, what message would you like to share with the Auriens Chelsea community and those considering it as their future home?

Your happiness and wellbeing are our top priorities and we'll continue to raise the bar. To those considering Auriens Chelsea, we extend a warm invitation to join our family. We're dedicated to offering you a life full of joy, purpose, and comfort because, at Auriens Chelsea, we believe that life truly begins anew.

Lamb chops in Culfords restaurant

And after all the hard work?

You can spot me cycling around Hyde Park, taking a dip in the sea off Cornwall, or strolling through the Highlands of Scotland with Flash, our Working Cocker Spaniel. Given the chance, I love exploring even more distant locales. On weekends, you'll find me at a farmers market, often transitioning seamlessly into cooking or baking, all while tending to our vegetable garden.

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